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Here is a list of our products! There is no minimum order. Small and large quantities welcome!
Please call for large orders, pricing may vary. Check out our SHIPPING page for questions.
55 gallon steel drums on sale!!!
Brown Fiber drums on Sale! 55 or 30 gallon!!!
Rain Barrels - Food Storage Drums - Water Barrels - 55 Gal Plastic Drums - 55 Gal Steel Drums

50 gallon Red Screw Tops with Spigot
These 50 gallon red screw tops are very versatile! They have a two piece lid. One part screws off and then the other part pushes down into the opening. (similar to a mason Jar)  They are great for rain barrels or water storage and can be modified to your liking. 

Some options available are:
Single spigoted- we add a brass hose bib to the bottom
 for easy draining and hose connection. $28.50
Double spigoted- we add a  top spigot which is great for an overflow valve.
 Making it easy to connect drums for gravity feeding. $33.50


55 Gallon Red Screw Tops
The 55 gallon red screw tops are just a little bit taller than the 50 gallon but are designed the same! You can get these with spigots or without! 
$24.50 or $29.50 with a spigot! 

50 Gallon Red Band Top
These drums have a large opening. This one piece lid snaps down and is secured with the metal lever lock ring. 


55 Gallon Gray Fiber Drum
These drums are light weight and come in handy for food drives or moving. 

55 Gallon Brown Fiber Drums
These brown fiber drums are the same as our Gray except we carry them in 50 and 55 gallon sizes.

55 gallon open top steel drums
Here is another color of 55 gallon open top steel drums. Again, we carry various colors in stock. You can get any of these drums Without a lid for $12.50 or with a Lever lock ring for $18.50.
Burn Barrel $12.50 

55 gallon UN Drums (DOT)
These 55 gallon open top steel drums with the 5/8" Bolt type lid and ring are heavy duty! They are DOT approved and have the UN stamp on the bottom. We recondition and repaint them black and white. 

275 gallon Tanks
These 275 gallon tanks have a 7 inch cap at the top and a 2 inch ball valve at the bottom. 

Bulk Grain Bags


These large bags have a drawstring opening at the top and bottom. They also come with loops for easy pick up with forklifts and hold up to 3000 lbs!

50 gallon Red Screw Top
The 50 gallon Red Screw Tops without spigots are wonderful for Food Storage
Since they are air tight it makes these drums wonderful for Grain, rice, beans and all your dry goods! 

55 Gallon Poly Bung Type
These drums come in either blue or white! The 2 inch bungs at the top make this the perfect water barrel! You can screw a hand pump into one of the bungs and pump out water or we can add a spigot to them! 
$21.50 or $26.50 with a spigot!

55 gallon Gray olive drum
These 55 gallon Olive drums have a screw top lid with a bung in the center. Great for those who like using a hand pump but would also like to be able to remove the whole lid.
$24.50 or $29.50 with a spigot!


55 gallon closed top steel
These 55 gallon steel drums come with two bungs in the top great for fuel storage. 

55 gallon open top steel drums with lids and bolt type rings. 
Our 55 gallon steel drums come in various different colors. They come with the lid and bolt type ring. 

15 gallon Bung type drum
These drums come with one bung in the lid and a nice handle on top. You can screw a hand pump into the bung or we can add a spigot! 
$14.50 or $19.50 with a spigot

5 gallon Round Jug
These 5 gallon round jugs are the perfect size for handling especially with the convenient pour spout! 

6 Gallon Square Jugs
These jugs are also extremely convenient. Their nice square shape make them easy to stack and store in tight areas. 

5 Gallon Square Jug
These Square jugs have a two inch bung at the top and can have a poly spigot screwed in. Wonderful to carry water with you. They are also stack-able!

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